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Number 272 - Reporting of Other Flight Personnel

Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Office of Airline Information
Number 272
Issue Date: 1/6/2004
Effective Date: Immediately
Part: 241

This Reporting Directive is issued to clarify the use and meaning of Objective Account 24 Other Flight Personnel. CFR Title 14, Part 241 defines the classification of Objective Account 24 Other Flight Personnel as "compensation, including vacation and sick leave pay, of other flight personnel assigned or held inactive awaiting assignment to flight status, not responsible for the in-flight management of aircraft, such as engineersnavigation officers and cabin attendants".

Engineers and navigation officers would be applied to 5124 and cabin attendants to 5524 or 6924 depending on the carriers DOT reporting grouping.

Given this definition and with the modern aircraft fleet flown by the carriers which only require a 2 person crew, pilot and copilot, there should be little if any data recorded on the Schedule P5.2, account 5124.

If you have any questions regarding this directive, please contact either Clay Moritz on (202) 366-4385 or Bernie Stankus on (202) 366-4387. Both individuals can be reached by e-mail at sends e-mail) and sends e-mail)

This action is taken under authority delegated in 14 CFR Part 385.19(b) of the Departments Organizational Regulations.

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Donald W. Bright
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Airline Information