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Number 286 - Timely Submission of Air Carrier Reports

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Department of Transportation
Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Office of Airline Information
Accounting and Reporting Directive
Research and Innovative Technology Administration

No. 286 
Issue Date:  10-03-08
Effective Date: 1-1-2009
Part: 241
Section: 04

This Accounting and Reporting Directive reminds carriers of their obligation to submit timely financial, traffic, and operating statistical reports to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS).

To encourage carriers to meet their regulatory obligations, BTS is making public the general guidelines it will follow in seeking enforcement of Department regulations requiring timely and accurate reports.

  1. As a courtesy, five days before a report is due, BTS will contact carriers via e-mail to remind them of the upcoming deadline.
  2. If BTS has no record of having received the required reports within five business days after a report was due, BTS will contact any delinquent carriers via e-mail to inform them of their delinquency.
  3. BTS will refer delinquent carriers to the Departments Assistant General Counsel for Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings (OAEP) for possible enforcement action.
  4. The speed and accuracy with which delinquent reports are submitted, together with a carriers overall reporting record, will be taken into account in determining whether to pursue enforcement action for delinquent reports.

Carriers should note that, while BTS will make every effort to provide carriers the five-day advance warning of the upcoming due date for reports noted in paragraph one above, this notice is provided merely as a courtesy and failure by BTS to provide such notice, for whatever reason, does not excuse carriers of their duty to provide timely and accurate reports. Moreover, the fact that a carrier has received a reminder five days after reports are due, as noted in paragraph two above, that its reports are delinquent does not excuse any violations stemming from delinquencies that already have taken place.

Failure to file reports as required is a violation of the Departments regulations, as well as 49 U.S.C. 41708, which subjects carriers to the assessment of civil penalties under 49 U.S.C. 46301 of up to $25,000 for each violation each day any such violation continues.

Please note that because of the increasing importance of fuel data, we are emphasizing that the Schedule 12(a) Fuel Consumption Report is due 20 days after the end of the month. Many carriers have been submitting these on the 30th day of the month. These late filings inhibit our being able to produce timely reports on this issue and such late filings will no longer be tolerated.

In addition, foreign air carriers that have a lapse in U.S. service must submit a nil report for those months where no U.S. operations are provided. Without the nil report, BTS has no way of determining whether a foreign air carrier is delinquent in its reporting or has suspended service to the United States . If foreign air carriers plan to suspend U.S. operations for an extended period of time, BTS will suspend the reporting requirement for the period of inactivity, provided the foreign air carrier has notified BTS in a full and timely manner. All questions should be directed to sends e-mail)


January 15 – ASQP (Airline Service Quality Performance Report)
January 20 – Schedule P–12(a)
January 30 – Schedules P–1(a) T–100, T–100(f) and Form 251
February 10 - Schedules A, B–1, B–1.1, B–7, B–12, P–1.1, P–1.2, P–2, P–5.1, P–5.2, P–6, P–7, P–10.
February 15 – ASQP and the Passenger Origin-Destination Survey Report
February 20 - Schedule P–12(a)
March 1 - Schedules P–1(a) T–100, T–100(f),
March 15 - ASQP
March 20 - Schedule P–12(a)
March 30 – Schedules B–43, P–1(a), T–100, T–100(f), T–8
April 15 - ASQP
April 20 - Schedule P–12(a)
April 30 - Schedules P–1(a) T–100, T–100(f), Form 251
May 10 - Schedules A, B–1, B–7, B–12, P–1.2, P–2, P–5.1, P–5.2, P–6, P–7
May 15 - ASQP and the Passenger Origin-Destination Survey Report
May 20 - Schedule P–12(a)
May 30 - Schedules P–1(a) T–100, T–100(f)
June 15 - ASQP
June 20 - Schedule P–12(a)
June 30 - Schedules P–1(a) T–100, T–100(f)
July 15 - ASQP
July 20 - Schedule P–12(a)
July 30 - Schedules P–1(a) T–100, T–100(f), Form 251
August 10 - Schedules A, B–1, B–1.1, B–7, B–12, P–1.1, P–1.2, P–2, P–5.1, P–5.2, P–6, P–7.
August 15 - ASQP and the Passenger Origin-Destination Survey Report
August 20 - Schedule P–12(a)
August 30 - Schedules P–1(a) T–100, T–100(f)
September 15 - ASQP
September 20 - Schedules P–12(a)
September 30 - Schedules P–1(a) T–100, T–100(f)
October 15 - ASPQ
October 20 - Schedule P–12(a)
October 30 -Schedules P–1(a) T–100, T–100(f), Form 251
November 10 - Schedules A, B–1, B–7,B–12, P–1.2, P–2,P–5.1, P–5.2, P–6,P–7.
November 15 - ASQP and the Passenger Origin-Destination Survey Report
November 20 - Schedule P–12(a)
November 30 - Schedule P–1(a) T–100, T–100(f)
December 15 - ASQP
December 20 - Schedule P–12(a)
December 30 - Schedules P–1(a) T–100, T–100(f)

(1) Due dates falling on a Saturday, Sunday or Federal holiday will become effective the first following work day.
(2) 4th quarter reporting due dates for Form 41 Schedules B and P are extended to March 30 if preliminary B1 or B1.1 and P1.1 or P1.2 schedules are filed at the Department by February 10.

M. Clay Moritz, Jr

M. Clay Moritz, Jr.
Assistant Director
Airline Information