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Number 306 - Reporting the Annual ICAO BTS Supplemental E-F Reports


Department of Transportation
Research and Innovative Technology Administration
Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Office of Airline Information
Accounting and Reporting Directive

No. 306
Issue Date: 1/1/2012
Effective Date: Immediately

As a party to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Treaty), the United States is obligated to provide ICAO with financial and statistical data on operations of U.S. air carriers (Article 67). The Bureau of Transportation Statistics' (BTS') Office of Airline Information (OAI) administers this program for the Department of Transportation (DOT).

To meet ICAO needs for electronic submissions and to eliminate the task of manually entering data, BTS requires carriers to e-submit their ICAO Financial BTS Supplemental Form E-F data in the comma separated values (CVS) file format. Each data element is separated by a comma. One thousand is reported as 1000 not as 1,000 as the comma indicates a new data element. To submit the BTS Supplemental Form E-F report, go to the website: and following the instructions for creating an account and submitting reports.

The file format for CSV reporting of ICAO Financial BTS Supplemental Form E-F is attached.

This action is taken under authority delegated by 14 CFR 385.19(h).

Anne Suissa

Anne Suissa
Office of Airline Information



Field Description Comments Sample Data
Air Carrier Code Code as of December 31 ZQ
Year of Data ccyy 2010
Allowance for depreciation – Flight Equipment Excludes non operating equipment 20345700
Allowance for depreciation – Ground Property and Equipment Excludes non operating Ground Property and Equipment 138675000
Flight Equipment Airworthiness Allowance From system Schedule P-5.2 Direct Maintenance 6450000
Flight Equipment under Capital Lease – Total Amount Flight Equipment only 10346000
Flight Equipment under Capital Lease – Accumulated Amortization Flight Equipment only 9458000
Total En-route Facilities Charges International Operation only 1/ 1534070
Equity in Income of  Investor Controlled Companies See 14 CFR Sec 241.14 Account 87 1250800
Net Balance of Unappropriated Retained Earnings from prior Year Last year's 4th Quarter Schedule B-1 Account 2900 minus 2990 1589000
Profit or Loss(-) after extraordinary items for this year This Year's Net Income from System Schedule P-1.2 Account 9899 1658500
Adjustments to this Year's Retained Earnings - Total Sum of Adjustments 1, 2, and 3 (below) 37034000
Adjustment 1: Transfer to Reserves   12345000
Adjustment 2: Amounts paid as bonus, dividends, etc. Can be either cash or stocks 23232000
Adjustment 3: Other Specify the adjustment Other comprehensive income
Amount of Adjustment 3: In dollars 1457000
Adjustment 4: Appropriations   2986000
Net Balance of Unappropriated Retained Earnings for Current Year This year's 4th Quarter Schedule B-1 Account 2900 minus 2990 9815979
Personnel expenses(Salary) for Traffic Solicitors on P-10 Acct 33 Broken out from system Schedule P-6, Line 7 8128000

1/ Includes charges for communications facilities, navigational aids, air traffic services, meteorological services and other ancillary aviation services provided by foreign governments or governmental associates such as Eurocontrol, ASECNA and COCESNA.

Note: The addition of the Allowances for Depreciation – Flight Equipment and Ground Property and Equipment should equal Account 1668 on the 4th quarter Schedule B-1.


ZQ,2010,20345700,138675000,6450000,10346000,9458000,1534070,1250800,1589000,1658500,37034000,12345000,23232000,'other comprehensive income',1457000,2986000,9815979,8128000