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Table 1. Travel on U.S. Carriers and on Foreign Carriers' U.S. Flights*

Dec 2016Dec 2017Pct. Change20162017Pct. Change
Passengers (in millions)77.379.73.2933.1965.03.4
Flights (in thousands)795.0797.50.39,726.59,755.80.3
Revenue Passenger-Miles (in billions)114.4117.62.91,374.71,435.84.4
Available Seat-Miles (in billions)139.4144.03.31,667.81,741.14.4
Load Factor*82.081.7-0.382.482.50.0
Flight Stage Length**983.41,001.61.8963.8984.42.1
Passenger Trip Length***1,480.51,476.0-0.31,473.31,487.91.0
* Includes U.S. carrier scheduled domestic and international service and foreign carrier scheduled international service to and from the United States. For U.S. carrier domestic and international service data for 2017, see the BTS December Air Traffic press release.
** Change in load factor points
***The average non-stop distance flown per departure in miles
**** The average distance flown per passenger in miles
Percentage changes based on numbers prior to rounding.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics, T-100 Market and Segment