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Table 3. Inflation-Adjusted Average Domestic Airline Fares by Quarter, 3Q 2017

Average Fare and Percent Change by Quarter

Quarter/YearAverage Domestic Fare (2017$)
Average Fare in constant 2017 dollars ($)Quarter-to-Quarter Percent Change in Average Fare (%)
3Q 2015383-3.9
4Q 2015376-2.0
1Q 2016374-0.4
2Q 2016359-4.0
3Q 2016344-4.1
4Q 2016*3470.8
1Q 2017*3521.5
2Q 2017*3561.2
3Q 2017*336-5.6
 Percent change based on unrounded numbers
* Fares for the most recent four quarters are in current dollars, not adjusted for inflation.