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Solving for Safety Visualization Challenge Webinar, Challenge Connections

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
1:00 p.m.

Challenge Team
Solving for Safety Safety Data Visualization Challenge

The US Department of Transportation’s Solving for Safety Visualization Challenge Webinar, Challenge Connections will provide a recap of the Challenge Mechanics Webinar and will help connect Solvers with teammates and facilitate Solver-Innovation Agent relationship building.


The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Solving for Safety Visualization Challenge, a $350,000 nationwide competition, is seeking analytical visualization tools to reveal insights into serious crashes and improve understanding of transportation safety. The Challenge supports the Department’s Safety Data Initiative (SDI) to address transportation safety risks through data-informed decision-making. SDI focuses on data visualization, data integration, and predictive insights. Through the power of data visualization, the Challenge will cultivate a system of insights and innovative technologies that changes the way transportation safety is approached.

During this webinar, USDOT Challenge Hosts will give a brief overview of the Challenge and will help connect Solvers and Innovation Agents. Innovation Agents will be given the opportunity to promote themselves and support the Challenge by explaining their transportation safety issues and/or presenting on the data or technical assistance they can provide. Solvers will learn about the resources available to them through Innovation Agents and DOT. Solvers can also use this time to find a team or teammates to strengthen their team’s expertise.

View the recording of this event:

View the recording of this event.
View the slides from this event: Challenge Connections Webinar.pdf.

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