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Frequently Asked Questions

Friday, July 8, 2022

Where is the registration web site?
The site for transit agencies to register GTFS feeds or other machine readable data is accessed through the Federal Transit Administration’s FACES website located at: The FACES website is only available to transit agencies that have been issued a National Transit Database ID by the Federal Transit Administration.

How do transit agencies register their data with US DOT’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics and agree to the standard terms of use? 
Transit agencies can register their data by logging into the Federal Transit Administration’s FACES web site.  Here's how to register.

Where can I find the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons License?

Will DOT fund GTFS conversion or is it the transit agency’s responsibility?
Participation in the NTM is voluntary. If an agency does not already publish GTFS feeds, there is no requirement to start.  Agencies wishing to develop GTFS feeds may be eligible for reimbursement under the Metropolitan Planning program and the State Planning and Research program, jointly administered by the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration. You are encouraged to confirm this with your Metropolitan Planning Organization or State DOT. 

Does the DOT have a list of vendors that could create GTFS feeds?
We do not offer a list of vendors. However, there are a number of resources available on the internet for transit agencies who wish to develop GTFS or other machine readable schedule feeds. 

Is the DOT’s preference for the data to be available on a site that aggregates GTFS feeds (such as,
We do not have a preference. We only seek permission to download the data and periodic updates to the data. If you publish to an aggregate site and grant us permission, we will pull your data from there. 

Will the National Transit Map incorporate GTFS real-time schedules, or only static GTFS?
Currently, the NTM only incorporates static GTFS feeds. The National Transit Map will not replace existing transit agency services or commercial trip planning services. None of the products included in the National Transportation Atlas Database, including the National Transit Map, are intended for navigation or real-time trip planning. 

What is the anticipated date of the National Transit Map rollout to the public?
The first version of the National Transit Map was released in September 2016. Subsequent version of the NTM will be released biannually in the spring and fall.  As the program matures data will be released quarterly.

Will the DOT consider expanding this project to trip planning?

What does GTFS stand for?
GTFS is an acronym for General Transit Feed Specification. The specification defines how to store transit data about stops, routes, and schedules.

What is a Feed?
Feeds are internet locations (URLs) from which data can be harvested.

How can I contact DOT about the National Transit Map?
Email us at: (link sends e-mail).