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How To Register

Thursday, June 1, 2023


Transit agencies use their existing Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Federal Access Control and Entry System (FACES) accounts to register their General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data.


  • Only FTA National Transit Database (NTD) reporters can register for the National Transit Map (NTM).
  • An agency’s user manager can assign the NTD reporter role to someone within an agency or;
  • An NTD reporter may register on behalf of an agency. 
  • Please email if the agency's user manager or NTD reporter is not known.


1. Federal Access Control and Entry System (FACES)

Log into FACES using the agency's existing account.

Federal Access Control and Entry System


2. Actions Tab

  • Select Actions from the top banner.
  • On the Actions page, select Register National Transit Map Data from the main content area.

Actions Tab


3. National Transit Map Landing Page

  • An overview of the National Transit Map (NTM) will load on the main content area.
  • Select Continue on the bottom right of the main content area to proceed.

Landing Page


4. Provide Datasets

  • The Provide Datasets page will load on the main content area.
  • Select the appropriate NTD ID from the National Transit Database ID dropdown.
  • Select Add Link on the bottom left of the main content area to provide a link to the agency's General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS). 
  • Agencies may provide multiple data sets by selecting Add Link again.
  • A superordinate agency may register a subordinate agency's data.
  • After all data is entered, select Accept on the bottom right corner of the main content area.
  • An agency does not have to agree to the terms and may decline to participate.

Provide Data


5a. Confirmation

  • A summary of the data submitted will load on the main content area.
  • Select Submit on the bottom right of the main content area to grant the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) a creative commons license. 



5b. Opted out

  • If an agency declined to participate, a Decline page will load in the main content area.
  • From the Reason for not Participating dropdown, please select why the agency is opting out:
    • Cannot agree to terms,
    • Cannot provide open data, or
    • Do not have data to provide.

Decline Doesnt Have Data



If you have questions, concerns or comments please email