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BTS’ National Transportation Statistics Updated

Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday, January 25, 2019 - National Transportation Statistics (NTS) – a web-only reference guide to national-level transportation data was updated today. NTS, updated quarterly, includes a wide range of national transportation information.


NTS consists of more than 260 tables of national data of which 58 were updated today. This quarter’s updates are:



  • System Mileage;
  • Number of Air Carriers, Railroads, Interstate Motor Carriers, Marine Vessel Operators, and Pipeline Operators;
  • Public Road, Lane-Miles and Street Mileage by Type of Surface and Functional System;
  • Americans with Disabilities Act-Accessible Rail Transit Stations by Agency;
  • Gasoline Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Sales;
  • Condition of Roadways by Functional System;
  • Average Age of Urban Transit Vehicles;
  • U.S. Flag Vessels by Type and Age;
  • Principal Means of Transportation to Work;
  • Top U.S. Foreign Trade Freight Gateways by Value of Shipments;
  • Tonnage of Top 50 Water Ports; and
  • Value, Tons, and Ton-Miles of Freight Shipments by Domestic Establishments.



  • Transportation Fatalities, Injured Persons and Accidents by Mode;
  • Distribution of Transportation Fatalities by Mode;
  • Transportation-Related Occupational Fatalities;
  • Air Safety: Air Carrier, Commuter Air Carrier, On-Demand Air Taxi and General Aviation;
  • Prohibited Items Intercepted at Airport Screening Checkpoints;
  • Motor Vehicle - Occupant and Nonoccupant Fatalities by Vehicle Type, Vehicles and Alcohol Involvement;
  • Motorcycle Rider, Truck Occupant and Bus Occupant Safety Data;
  • State Laws on Distracted Driving; and
  • Fatalities by Blood Alcohol Concentration in Highway Crashes.



  • Gross Domestic Product Attributed to Transportation-Related Final Demand;
  • Gross Domestic Demand Attributed to Transportation-Related Final Demand;
  • Gross Domestic Product by Major Social Function;
  • National Transportation and Economic Trends;
  • Average Passenger Fares; and
  • Average Revenue per Passenger-Mile.



  • Transit Industry Electric Power and Primary Energy Consumption and Travel;
  • Amtrak Fuel Consumption and Travel;
  • Energy Intensity of Transit Motor Buses;
  • Leaking Underground Storage Tank.


The next quarterly update is scheduled for April 2019. NTS  contents are available on the BTS website.  Contact: Dave Smallen (202) 366-5568,