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North American Transborder Freight up 28.3% in May 2022 from May 2021

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

BTS 32-22

Total Transborder Freight by Border in May 2022, Compared to May 2021:
Transborder freight between the U.S. and North American countries (Canada and Mexico) in May 2022:

  • Total transborder freight: $139.4 billion of transborder freight moved by all modes of transportation, up 28.3% compared to May 2021. 
  • Freight between the U.S. and Canada totaled $71.0 billion, up 30.4% from May 2021. 
  • Freight between the U.S. and Mexico totaled $68.4 billion, up 26.3% from May 2021.
  • Trucks moved $82.1 billion of freight, up 20.7% compared to May 2021.
  • Railways moved $19.3 billion of freight, up 21.0% compared to May 2021.

 Total Transborder Freight by Border and Mode:

U.S.-Canada (both directions)
(Dollars in Billions)
Truck:           $36.7 
Rail:              $11.4 
Pipeline:      $12.1     
Vessel:         $4.2     
Air:               $3.0    
U.S.-Mexico (both directions)
(Dollars in Billions)
Truck:          $45.4 
Rail:              $7.9 
Vessel:         $10.0     
Air:               $1.7 
Pipeline:      $1.6     


The value of oil increased by 68.1% in May 2022 compared to May 2021, and 7.6% compared to April 2022.1  Over 99% of pipeline freight between the U.S. and Canada are mineral fuels, primarily oil and gas. Of freight by vessel between the U.S. and Mexico, over 50% are mineral fuel shipments between Gulf of Mexico ports in the U.S. and Mexico.

Truck Freight: $82.1 billion (58.9% of all transborder freight)

  • U.S.-Canada:     $36.7 billion
  • U.S.-Mexico:      $45.4 billion 


  • Top three busiest truck border ports
    • Laredo, TX                               $20.6 billion 
    • Detroit, MI                               $9.9 billion
    • Port Huron, MI                       $6.5 billion


  • Top three truck commodities
    • Computers and parts               $15.1 billion 
    • Electrical machinery                 $11.9 billion
    • Vehicles and parts                    $11.0 billion 

Rail Freight: $19.3 billion (13.8% of all transborder freight)

  • U.S.-Canada: $11.4 billion 
  • U.S.-Mexico:   $7.9 billion


  • Top three busiest rail border ports
    • Laredo, TX                 $4.5 billion 
    • Port Huron, MI          $2.7 billion
    • Detroit, MI                 $2.4 billion


  • Top three rail commodities
    • Vehicles and parts         $6.9 billion
    • Mineral fuels                  $1.6 billion
    • Plastics                            $1.3 billion

Reporting Notes
Data in this Bureau of Transportation Statistics release are not seasonally adjusted and are not adjusted for inflation. For previous statistical releases and summary tables, see transborder releases. See transborder freight data for data from previous months, and for additional state, port, and commodity data. BTS has scheduled the next release of transborder numbers for August 24, 2022.