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How To Comply

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Before Project Start

1.   Develop and obtain approval of the data management plan (DMP) with your research project proposal.

2.   If needed, obtain an ORCID for all project investigators and contributors. You can create your own ORCID in a couple of minutes at You will need to report ORCIDs as part of your final step in complying with the plan.

3.   Report your research to TRB's RiP database at:  (Your project(s) will be automatically reported in the USDOT Research Hub at:

During the Project

4.   Update your project record in RiP over the duration of the project (e.g., if there are any changes to funding amount, project end dates, etc.).

5.   Follow the data management practices outlined in your data management plan (DMP).

After Project Completion

6.   Change the status of the project in RiP from "Active" to "Completed" within two (2) months of completion and retrieve the RH Display IDs for each project 

7.   Package and archive data as outlined in your DMP.

8.   Include ORCIDs and funding agreement number(s) on the Technical Report documentation page and in any peer-reviewed publication submissions.

9.   Ensure that all rights under copyright are non-exclusively retained by DOT and that the terms and conditions of publication to peer-reviewed journals and 
      other outlets do not impair the obligation of the authors to comply with the plan.

10. Send one email to USDOT Research HubNTL, and TRB including the following information:

  • Final Report URL(s) or PDFs for any resulting publications;
  • URL(s) to and associated descriptive metadata for any final datasets and the arising from the research project;
  • The funding agreement number of the project;
  • The RH Display ID for the project;
  • ORCIDs (unique researcher IDs) for all publication author(s); and
  • Any documented project outputs or outcomes resulting from the research project.

Final reports and dataset URLs will be appended to your project records in the USDOT Research Hub, thus providing a single location from which the public can access your research products.

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