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2018 NCFO Questionnaire


  • All information reported should reflect only your calendar year 2017 ferry operations
  • On the online questionnaire, unique operational information has been pre-populated on each individual operator questionnaire.  If you had any ferry vessels, terminals, and/or route segments in calendar year 2017 that are not pre-populated within your operation’s online questionnaire, please add the additional information. 
  • Paper questionnaires can also be utilized for the 2018 census
  • There will be no option for paper questionnaires with pre-printed operator information.
  • Preprinted brochures, schedules, etc. may not be substituted for responses to the items on this census form
  • Please print and attach as many sheets of each question that you may need. 
  • Please return all paper questionnaires in an enclosed envelope to:

    Janine McFadden

    US Department of Transportation

    RTS-32, Room E34-411

    1200 New Jersey Avenue, S.E.

    Washington, D.C.  20590

    If you need assistance, please call 1-800-853-1351 or email