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Table 1. Scheduled Systemwide (Domestic and International) Airline Travel on U.S. and Foreign Airlines, 2017-2018

20172018Change %
Passengers (in millions)965.41,011.54.8
Flights (in thousands)9,761.410,012.32.6
Revenue Passenger Miles (in billions)1,436.81,511.75.2
Available Seat-Miles (in billions)1,742.41,822.04.6
Load Factor*82.583.00.5
Flight Stage Length**984.4995.81.2
Passenger Trip Length***1,488.31,494.60.4
* Change in load factor points
** The average non-stop distance flown per departure in miles
*** The average distance flown per passenger in miles
Note: Percentage changes based on numbers prior to rounding.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics, T-100 Market and Segment