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Table 1. Scheduled Systemwide (Domestic and International) Airline Travel on U.S. and Foreign Airlines, 2017-2018

Dataset Table:

Annual 1
2017 2018 Change % 2
Passengers (in millions) 965.4 1,011.5 4.8 3
Flights (in thousands) 9,761.4 10,012.3 2.6 4
Revenue Passenger Miles (in billions) 1,436.8 1,511.7 5.2 5
Available Seat-Miles (in billions) 1,742.4 1,822.0 4.6 6
Load Factor* 82.5 83.0 0.5 7
Flight Stage Length** 984.4 995.8 1.2 8
Passenger Trip Length*** 1,488.3 1,494.6 0.4 9


* Change in load factor points
** The average non-stop distance flown per departure in miles
*** The average distance flown per passenger in miles
Note: Percentage changes based on numbers prior to rounding.


Bureau of Transportation Statistics, T-100 Market and Segment