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Vessel Characteristics (2017)

Vessel Characteristics (sample size)Mean (a)Median (a)Minimum (c)Maximum
Passenger Capacity (660) b30714905200
Vehicle Capacity (272) b37220202
Typical Speed (708)1312042
Vessel Age (681) d2724-1104

a The mean is the average value.  The median represents the middle most value when all numbers are listed in order.  The median is a more accurate measure of the central tendency when a distribution of numbers is slightly skewed.   

b Does not include vessels that do not carry passengers and or vehicles.  Car ferries often do not track or report passenger boarding counts.  

c The minimum value of zero for vehicle capactiy is due to the reporting a Tug/Barge combination or reporting error.  

d The value of -1 for vessel age is due to a vessel being reported being built in 2018.