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Intercity Bus Atlas Participation

Thursday, January 18, 2024

By volunteering to participate, Intercity Bus Atlas (ICBA) Service Providers (Providers) empower the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) to study and demonstrate the essential role of the intercity bus industry to the nation's transportation system and its ability to enhance American lives by linking them to family, work, education, healthcare, leisure, and more. 

Providers opt-in to the ICBA by completing the Intercity Bus Atlas Registration Form. Submitting the form enters the Provider into a one year agreement with BTS.  The agreement automatically renews until BTS receives a termination request, which Providers must send to

The agreement, based on a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, permits BTS to collect, compile, publish and archive the Provider's GTFS data at least once a year but no more than four times a year.  The agreement compels BTS to attribute the data to the Provider, prohibits commercial use of the data, and disallows substantive material alterations to the data (i.e., BTS does not impute or replace missing or invalid data from a Provider's feed). 

The data collected are historical snapshots of American bus services. The data are not intended for trip planning, scheduling, navigation, or any real-time or near real-time use by passengers, transportation operators, service Providers, or transportation planners.  Using the data for research, analysis, and planning is permitted and encouraged, while commercial and all other reuses of the data are prohibited.

Intercity Bus Atlas (ICBA) Providers

As of January 2024, the Intercity Bus Atlas is derived from the GTFS schedule data provided to BTS on behalf of the following Providers*:

  • Adirondack Trailways
  • Altamont Corridor Express
  • Alvand Transportation
  • AmericanStar
  • Amtrak
  • Amtrak Chartered Motorcoach
  • Amtrak Thruway
  • Apple Line
  • Arrow Express
  • Arrow Trailways
  • Badger Bus Lines
  • BeeLine Express Bus
  • Bustang
  • C & J
  • Cantrail
  • Capital Trailways
  • Central Oregon Breeze
  • Coach USA
  • CorridorRides
  • Curry Public Transit
  • Delmarva Community Transit
  • Detroit Ann Arbor Express
  • Diamond Express
  • Dungeness Line
  • ECO Transit
  • Eastern Sierra Transit Authority
  • El Dorado Transit
  • Executive Transportation
  • Express Arrow
  • FlixBus
  • Fullington Trailways
  • Gold Line
  • Grand Canyon Railway
  • Grape Line
  • Greyhound
  • Groome Transportation
  • Indian Trails
  • Jefferson Lines - Minneapolis, MN
  • Lamers Connect
  • Martz Trailways
  • Michigan Flyer
  • Mountain Line Transit Authority
  • Mountain States Express
  • Mt. Hood Express
  • New York Trailways
  • North Central Montana Transit
  • North County Transit District
  • Northern Transit Interlocal
  • Northfield Lines
  • Northwestern Trailways
  • Oregon POINT
  • OurBus
  • Pacific Crest Bus Lines
  • Panhandle Trails
  • People Mover
  • Peoria Charter
  • Peter Pan Bonanza Division
  • Peter Pan Bus Lines
  • Pine Hill Trailways
  • Plymouth and Brockton Street Railway Co.
  • Red Coach
  • Redding Area Bus Authority
  • Rio Vista Delta Breeze
  • RoadRunneR Shuttle
  • Rochester City Lines
  • Route 66 Express
  • Sage Stage
  • Sandy Area Metro
  • Smart Way Connector
  • Southeast Area Transit (SEAT)
  • Southeastern Stages
  • Stagecoach Express
  • Summit Stage
  • Sunway Charters
  • The Lift
  • Tillamook County Transportation District
  • Tri-Valley Transit
  • Trinity Transit
  • Valley Express
  • Van Galder Coach USA
  • Vegas Airporter
  • Ventura County Transportation Commission
  • Vermont Translines
  • Virginia Breeze
  • Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System

* This list is based on the "agency_name" values contained in the "agency.txt" file within the GTFS file package submitted on behalf of each ICBA Provider. Please be mindful that a Provider may operate some of its routes on behalf of other Providers and it may appear on the list in more than one capacity (i.e., as an independent Provider and/or as a contract or interline Provider on behalf of another).