Data Highlights

1.59M January 2023, +600K from January 2022
$595B Q4 2023, +$29B from Q4 2022
$5.97B February 2023, +$950M from February 2022
910K February 2023, +81K from February 2022
2.63B September 2023, +6B from Dec. 2022
246M December 2022, +25M from December 2021


Freight Analysis Framework Modernization: Overview & Feedback*

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) is developing two new products as part of the Freight Analysis Framework (FAF) commodity flow data program: a multimodal assignment and flow visualization tool and a county-level origin-destination flow database. BTS will share updates on these products and on its plans to modernize the FAF forecasting process. Presenters will seek input from attendees to shape future product features for the benefit of freight data users across the United States