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BTS Updates 15 Tables in National Transportation Statistics

Thursday, July 1, 2021

National Transportation Statistics (NTS), the Bureau of Transportation Statistics’ guide to historical national-level transportation trends, was updated today with 15 transportation-related tables including Passengers Boarded at the Top 50 US Airports. 

Updated Tables by Topics:


  • Airport Runway Pavement Conditions (1-25)

Travel and Goods Movement

  • U.S. Air Carrier Aircraft Departures, Enplaned Revenue Passengers, and Enplaned Revenue Tons (1-37)
  • Passengers Boarded at the Top 50 U.S. Airports (1-44)
  • Air Passenger Travel Arrivals in the United States from Selected Foreign Countries (1-45)
  • Air Passenger Travel Departures from the United States to Selected Foreign Countries (1-46)

Air Safety

  • Number of Pilot-Reported Near Midair Collisions by Degree of Hazard (2-15)

Transportation Revenues, Employment, and Productivity

  • Employment in For-Hire Transportation and Selected Transportation-Related Industries (3-23)

Government Finance

  • Cash Balances of the Transportation-Related Federal Trust Funds, Fiscal Year (3-34)

Transportation Energy Intensity and Fuel Efficiency

  • Energy Intensity of Certificated Air Carriers, All Services (4-21, 4-21M)

Air Pollution

  • Estimated U.S. Average Vehicle Emissions Rates per Vehicle by Vehicle Type Using Gasoline and Diesel (4-43)
  • Air Pollution Trends in Selected Metropolitan Statistical Areas (4-51)
  • U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Energy Use by Sector (4-53)

Water Pollution, Noise, and Solid Waste 

  • Petroleum Oil Spills Impacting Navigable U.S. Waters (4-54)

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