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National Transportation Statistics 4/29/22 Update

Monday, May 2, 2022

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) today released its monthly update to National Transportation Statistics (NTS), a guide to historical national-level transportation trends.

This month’s updated tables include pipeline infrastructures, sales and leases of new and used vehicles, average of automobiles and trucks, travel and goods movement, transportation safety, and energy consumptions by mode and sector.            

Updated Tables by Topics:

Physical Extent

  • U.S. Oil and Gas Pipeline Mileage (1-10)

Vehicle, Aircraft, and Vessel Inventory

  • New and Used Passenger Car and Light Truck Sales and Leases (1-17)


  • Average Age of Automobiles and Trucks in Operation in the United States (1-26)

Travel and Goods Movement

  • Roadway Vehicle-Miles Traveled (VMT) and VMT per Lane-Mile by Functional System (1-36)
  • Passengers Boarded at the Top 50 U.S. Airports (1-44)
  • Air Passenger Travel Arrivals in the United States from Selected Foreign Countries (1-45)
  • Air Passenger Travel Departures from the United States to Selected Foreign Countries (1-46)
  • U.S. Ton-Miles of Freight (1-50)
  • Top U.S. Foreign Trade Freight Gateways by Value of Shipments (1-51)
  • Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Transported in the United States by Mode (1-61)

Multimodal Safety

  • Transportation Fatalities by Mode (2-1)
  • Hazardous Materials Fatalities, Injuries, Accidents, and Property Damage Data (2-6)

Highway Safety

  • Motor Vehicles and Occupants Involved in Fatal Crashes by Posted Speed Limit (2-29)
  • Safety Belt and Motorcycle Helmet Use (2-30)

Transit Safety

  • Transit Safety and Property Damage Data (2-32)
  • Transit Safety Data by Mode for All Reported Incidents (2-34)

Transportation Revenues, Employment, and Productivity

  • Employment in Transportation and Transportation-Related Occupations (3-24)

U.S. Transportation Sector Energy Consumption

  • Overview of U.S. Petroleum Production, Imports, Exports, and Consumption (4-1)
  • U.S. Consumption of Energy from Primary Sources by Sector (4-2)
  • Domestic Demand for Refined Petroleum Products by Sector (4-3)

Transportation Energy Consumption By Mode

  • U.S. Energy Consumption by the Transportation Sector (4-4)

Metric Conversion Tables

  • Roadway Vehicle-Kilometers Traveled (VKT) and VKT per Lane-Kilometers by Functional Class (1-36M)
  • U.S. Ton-Kilometers of Freight (1-50M)
  • U.S. Consumption of Energy from Primary Sources by Sector (4-02M)
  • Domestic Demand for Refined Petroleum Products by Sector (4-03M)
  • U.S. Energy Consumption by the Transportation Sector (4-04M)

Modal Profiles