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National Transportation Statistics

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    Recently Updated Tables by Topic:

    Transportation and the Economy

    • Contributions to U.S. Gross Domestic Product for Selected Industries (3-7)
    • National Transportation and Economic Trends (3-10)

    Transportation and Consumer Expenditures

    • Producer Price Indices for Transportation Services and Warehousing Services (3-13)

    Transportation Revenues, Employment, and Productivity

    • Labor Productivity Indices for Selected Transportation Industries (3-28)

    Transportation Energy Consumption by Mode

    • Energy Consumption by Mode of Transportation (4-6, 4-6M)
    • Certificated Air Carrier Fuel Consumption and Travel (4-8, 4-8M)
    • Motor Vehicle Fuel Consumption and Travel (4-9, 4-9M)
    • Light Duty Vehicle, Short Wheel Base and Motorcycle Fuel Consumption and Travel (4-11, 4-11M)
    • Light Duty Vehicle, Long Wheel Base Fuel Consumption and Travel (4-12, 4-12M)
    • Single-Unit 2-Axle 6-Tire or More Truck Fuel Consumption and Travel (4-13, 4-13M)
    • Combination Truck Fuel Consumption and Travel (4-14, 4-14M)
    • Bus Fuel Consumption and Travel (4-15, 4-15M)

    Transportation Energy Intensity and Fuel Efficiency

    • Energy Intensity of Passenger Modes (4-20, 4-20M)
    • Energy Intensity of Passenger Cars, Other 2-Axle 4-Tire Vehicles, and Motorcycles (4-22, 4-22M)

    Air Pollution

    • Air Pollution Trends in Selected Metropolitan Statistical Areas (4-51)
    • U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Energy Use by Sector (4-53)

    Water Pollution, Noise, and Solid Waste

    • Petroleum Oil Spills Impacting Navigable U.S. Waters (4-54)
    • Number of People Residing in Areas of Significant Noise Exposure Around U.S. Airports (4-57)

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